We search and select suppliers, manufacturers, local partners, agents and distributors according to the needs of our clients. We also manage the negotiation, production and customer acquisition process if required.

  1. Product analysis: We carry out an in-depth study of the product you wish to purchase/produce to ensure that the selected supplier meets all the requirements and standards.
  2. Market analysis: We analyze the market fit of your product in China.
  3. Prospecting suppliers: We find the suppliers that best suit your needs and make the necessary arrangements to connect with them. If necessary, we go to the factories to ensure that the provided information and quality are as agreed.
  4. Budget: We budget based on the anticipated quantities of purchase and the price range of the product.
  5. Operation report: We report all the information and documentation collected during the operation for the client's review.



  1. Inspection before shipment: We ensure the products are in line with the client's requirements before shipment.
  2. Incident management: If an incident occurs during the shipment, we'd inform the client and take care of it immediately. We would also contact the supplier to address the issue.
  3. Documentation & Report: We provide all the necessary documentation and report all the steps along the process.
  4. Final report: We put together a final report with all the relevant information and documentation collected during the process for the client's review.



  1. Shipment control: We ensure the product shipment completion under the agreed conditions and that you are informed immediately if any incident occurs.
  2. Insurance management: We help acquire shipment insurance to cover any potential issue derived from the import process.
  3. Documentation management: We produce and manage the "Bill of Lading", the Certificate of Origin and the rest of the necessary import documents.
  4. Fees & Tariffs: We lay out the right import legal framework and manage the applicable fees and tariffs in the country of destination.
  5. Customer service: We are available 24/7 in case any issue or incident arises during the import process.
  6. Final report: Once the import process is completed, we send you a report with all the information and conclusions of the process for your record.



  1. Freight transport management: We offer freight transport coordination services from China to the country you want to import/export your product.
  2. Storage units: We have more than 2,000 m³ available for you to store your shipment if needed.
  3. Shipment consolidation: We group and consolidate goods from different suppliers or brands.
  4. Packaging: We offer packaging customization services for all kinds of goods and products.
  5. Floating Stocks: We help you have access to floating stocks in China.



1.Factory visit: We visit the supplier's facilities on site to find out the most relevant details of your product.

  1. Verification process: We verify the supplier information and provide additional context to help with the client's decision-making process.
  2. Report: We take pictures and collect information about the supplier's factory and facilities to gain a deeper understanding of the supplier's means of production and capability.
  3. Final report: At the end of the process, we put together a document with all the information and conclusions to help the client know more about its future partner in China.


Services for individuals

We have a wide network of partners from different fields that could advise you on different aspects and situations.

  • We help you process your visa.
  • Work and residence permits for expatriates and their families.
  • Legalizations and homologations for documents and certificates.
  • Housing and moving services, selection and registration of schools, etc.
  • Personal assistance for expatriates in other procedures.


Other services for companies and individuals

  • Travel services (flights, accommodation, transportation, etc.)
  • Translation services
  • Interpreting services.
  • Real estate and commercial property services.
  • Accompaniment in negotiations and document signings.

Legal advice (licenses, customs procedures, trademarks and patents, etc).